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Visitors' Comments...

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"We have experienced many bird guides and Bill is among the very best. It would be hard to improve upon his knowledge, tenacity and sheer joy of birding. He is a wonderful birder and guide! The hospitality is very special. Many thanks to Bill & Eileen"
Barry Miller, Columbia, Maryland

"I had a truly wonderful visit. Abberton is a beautiful property and there are tons of birds around. The field trips were exceptional - Bill really knows where the birds are, and he knows how to show them to his guests. Best of all - I had a really fun time"
Barry Brugman, Kirkland, Washington.

"Bill Jolly provided the Powells with an extraordinary birding experience. Bill met us at the airport and we had 20 life birds before arriving at Abberton. We added over 100 lifers in the next two days. Bill is an exceptional birder, he knows where the birds are and goes after rare and difficult to find species with dispatch, accuracy and success. The Tawny Frogmouth played a dissapearing act, but Bill made up for it by sharing Comb-crested Jacana, White-bellied Sea-eagle, Dollarbird and Black-shouldered and Whistling Kites in the next 20 minutes. That's birding!"
Ernest & Anita Powell, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

"The best part of the whole experience was Bill's infectious enthusiasm. We really appreciated his extraordinary knowledge - not only about birds, but also about the wonderful butterflies we spotted and the frogs, geckos and marsupials. And he'd made a point of checking for his visitors which species were the same as North American or European species they'd already seen. For any birders concentrating on maximising their trip list (or life list), this is an ideal birding experience. I've never done such intense birding - in total numbers of new birds, frequency of sightings, or diversity of species in one valley - in years of birding in the US, Central America and Europe"
Meredith McGuire & Jim Spickard, San Antonio, Texas.

"Bill Jolly is an excellent ornithological guide. He knows local birds and their habits, as well as various haunts in which particular species are to be found"
Jim & Barbara Munves, New York, New York.

"A visit to Abberton is a very special experience. Certainly it is a great place to see birds. Bill Jolly leads one on an intense and exciting search for birds. But, more than that, observing the development of the Abberton Reserve, sitting on the verandah in a relaxed and comfortable way as one watches the passing parade of birds, at the same time learning about the flora and fauna, asll adds up to what one calls a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience."
Voyla Steves, Roseberg, Oregon.

"Despite a late, 8am, start we got most of our target birds in a relaxed and casual way. We shared the first rain in 9 months, lightning, and a fine glass of wine after a great day's birding"
Woody & Betsy Bracey, Bahamas.

"Words fail me! Well, not completely. This is a marvelous, rewarding, often serendipitous experience - not just for birding, but for a 'life' experience. One thinks in advance only about birds, but the setting, the geographic area, and especially our leader and his beautiful wife were beyond any expectation."
Sharon Taylor, Malvern, Pennsylvania.

"Bill's knowledge of the birds and their calls was excellent and a great aid to locating needed birds. His familiarity with local and remote bird sites was outstanding. In addition, he keeps current the status of important birds and is able to produce tough birds when available. Bill & Eileen are very pleasant and willing to share their experiences, and listen to yours"
Dave Spleha, Bartlett, Illinois.

"An incredible experience that exceeded all expectations! From Rainbow Bee-eaters doing cartwheels in the air to three wonderful fairy-wrens, Speckled Warbler and Striated Pardalotes, all seen on the property at Abberton. Further afield, we saw 28 new species to add to our already swollen Australian list. Our guide, an expert, knows his territory well. The kangaroos and koala were a bonus."
B J Pinnock, Cape May, New Jersey.

"Bill did a wonderful job with the targeted species we asked him to locate. His style and personality made it a pleasure to spend a couple of days in the field with him. His knowledge of the habitats and behaviours was exceptional. After spending three weeks in Australia, he was able to fill in the holes in our coverage on some very tough birds. The Painted Snipe and Black Falcons were unbelievable!"
Jack Pomatto, St Charles, Illinois.

"Very comfortable experience from beginning to end. Really enjoyed and appreciated seeing the 'outback' roads, and oh yes, the birds! Australia has been a pleasant surprise. Easy to get around, very friendly people and seeing birds as well as the animals has been much easier than I ever imagined. Bill & Eileen have been very hospitable, and it was a rewarding and delightful break in our 3 week trek across Queensland. Thank you."
Renee Baade, Newtown, Connecticut.

"We liked especially the 'family' orientation' where we felt part of a home, rather than just a commercial client. Bill has an uncanny sense of which corner the bird would be awaiting our introduction. Thanks for a great time and for your personal interest in our reaching our anticipated number of hits!"
Lester & Leona Bennett, Lodi, California.

"Easiest birding in the world - Bill knows where every bird resides and has an intricate web of friends who keep him informed of local sightings. We saw frogmouths less than 10 feet away! You were always quick to respond to questions and helped us to locate other birding spots as well - what more could we ask for?"
Paul & Donna Hayes, Norway, Michigan.

"Excellent day, more than 86 different birds. Wonderful laid-back day. Very informative. Bill & Eileen are delightful hosts. Tell people one day is not enough time."
Gail Lowe & Nancy Cotner, Ocala, Florida.

"Bill & Eileen showed us a 'jolly' good time! We thoroughly enjoyed great food, great birding and great conversation. We highly recommend an extended stay (ours was six days) as the perfect introduction to Australian birding in the Lockyer Valley and beyond - 176 species seen."
Alan & Della Wells, Tomkins Cove, New York.

"Heaven on earth may seem a trite expression, but it applies to Abberton and Bill & Eileen Jolly! The hospitality and the birding were as superb as a Fairy-wren! Unsurpassed!"
Joe Roller, Golden, Colorado.

"Thank you for the wonderful birding experience. The Plum-headed Finches were very special, as well as the fly-past of the Plumed Whistling Ducks. Compliments to the chef - everything was perfect. Your hospitality and kindness was very much appreciated."
Ray & Barbara Johnson, Helena, Montana.

"The birding and guiding was excellent. We couldn't have asked for more! All of our needs were met graciously. We appreciated the change of meal time to accommodate our non-birding activities."
Bob & Brenda Scott, Tallahassee, Florida.

"I enjoyed the warmth of the friendship shown by Eileen and Bill. The food was great! Birding was very good with a good number of rarities found. Thanks Bill for your company and all your efforts to ensure a good birding experience."
Henry Gilmore, Vancouver, Washington.

"Abberton has evolved into a wonderful demonstration of how one can live in nature, surrounded by a wonderful selection of Australian birds. They are easily seen in the grounds and from the veranda. The entire experience is amplified by special hosts who are birders of great experience and knowledge, and who now are friends that will not be forgotten."
Bernie & Sue Bernard, Moran, Wyoming.

"Everything was wonderful - very comfortable environment - lots of birds just off the verandah.
Bill & Eileen are both great at guiding a novice birder to Australia. The food was fabulous and you both made me feel very much at home."
Anne Eakin, Portland, Oregon.

"Life list birds, wonderful company, delicious food. Wish we had more time - never imagined it would be such a memory builder."
George & Elaine Shelby, Lafayette, California

"Give Bill your wish list and enough time and he'll answer all your prayers. A very birdy place, and very comfortable. Great hosts, good food."
Chris and Peggy Carpenter, San Francisco, California.

"I had an absolutely fabulous time in Australia, and especially at Abberton and environs. They were 2 weeks I will certainly cherish the rest of my life."
David Heath, Portland, Oregon.

"The Abberton website is very enticing, but the real thing outstrips even the promise! Exceptional hospitality, outstanding food, great birding!"
Bob & Marilyn Adams, Newhaven, Connecticut

"Our stay at Abberton was the perfect way to start our Australian birding adventure. Bill & Eileen Jolly are wonderful hosts - keen, knowledgeable birders who made us feel welcome and at home. In only a couple of days they showed us many habitats - we got unforgettable views of platypus daily from their verandah; koalas, wallabies and a kangaroo in the area; more than 120 species of birds. Abberton is a unique site - a slice of quiet, natural Australia - with the comforts of excellent meals and lovely accommodation.
We recommend it highly."
Tom & Carol Bishop, Placentia, California.

"Bill & Eileen really do make you feel at home. The food is excellent and the birding fantastic! Thank you so much for your hospitality and expert guiding. We had a great time"
Jay & Carol Hadlock, Herndon, Virginia.

"The memory of Abberton, its jacarandas, eucalypts and coral trees, the Lockyer Creek and surrounding tablelands and rain-forests, and above all its gracious, fascinating, knowledgeable and dedicated hosts Bill & Eileen, is something that is one of my fondest memories of numerous visits to the wonderful land down undah. If you're a birder (and even if you're like me and just tag along with one) this is one of the best places in Australia you could choose to visit "
John & Connie Campbell, Carbondale, Colorado.

"Wonderful company, food, culture and friends. Would like to return and spend more time. Azure Kingfisher was magnificent!"
Bernie & Susan Masters, Worthington, Ohio.

"The bus let me off at the front verandah, concealing the fantastic view from the rear deck. The peace and serenity are great.
Bill is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic birder. Thank you for a memorable time at your place on our planet"
Dick Wood, Tucson, Arizona.

"We had a wonderful time!  Excellent food, excellent scenery, and excellent birding. Brown Goshawk and Azure Kingfisher from the verandah!"
Michael Marsh & Kathy McClure, Portland, Oregon.

"This-morning, the birds woke me up (not an alarm clock), I got 2 life birds (Speckled Warbler and Australian Hobby) in my pajamas from the porch, checked my e-mail, went back to bed for a couple of hours, then up for a delicious breakfast with mango.
 And, I loved living in an art museum. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a wonderful three days."
Janet Grenzke, Hatfield, Massachusetts.

"If you're a keen birder, this is the place to be! Bill is an enthusiastic host who likes to share his broad knowledge of Australia's birds. 
Eileen's meals are magic. Both make you feel like family from the moment you arrive. 94 species in under two days!"
Jim & Marlene Moore, Agua Dulce, California;  Keith & Tami Randolph, Palmdale, California.

"Our stay at Abberton was more than we expected. The birding was terrific, especially the Painted Buttonquail, the Buff-banded Rail and the Regent Bowerbird. It was hard to decide which received top prize. The meals were superior. Abberton is great!!"
Byron & Joann Bossenbroek, Worthington, Ohio.

"What a wonderful place! We enjoyed our visit so much. Bill is such a wonderful and knowledgeable birder, he truly added the topping to this birding 'dessert'. I'll be making plans for a return visit."
Theona & Leslie Vyvial, Gilbert, Arizona.


 "I had a lovely time looking for, finding and seeing many fabulous birds I've never seen before. Bill has a great knowledge and interest in his local environment, and a fantastic ability to pick out a rarity in a flock!  I didn't expect to see as many birds in winter as I did. Abberton is peaceful and convivial. Lunch and coffee were delicious. What more could I ask for!"
Gill Craig, Vaucluse, Sydney, NSW.

"The birding was fantastic and the range of birds amazing. Bill's in-depth knowledge of the area enabled me to see some wonderful birds. Eileen's cooking is absolutely delicious, and the warmth and friendliness of the hosts makes you feel right at home. Leisurely breakfasts on the verandah while the birds fly past is a great way to start the day. Had an absolutely wonderful time."
Tania Ireton, Cheltenham, Victoria.

"Right lovely home. Great hosts, good birds, great food. No hesitation in recommending a stay and quality of birds in the area. Will return!"
Keith Fisher, Cairns, Queensland.

"The Birding:  The morning starts in a much-appreciated peace, you do not need to rush to find the birds, they'll find you while you enjoy an early-morning coffee on the verandah. Later you would head off with Bill, who knows where the birds are, and not only where they were yesterday. The Accommodation:  I very much enjoyed the warm and personal atmosphere, and certainly the delicious meals. 
Thank you very much Eileen and Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and your company, and not least the two life birds for me:
Plum-headed Finch and Painted Snipe. Fantastic!"
Jonny Schoenjahn, Cable Beach, WA.

"Very enjoyable and relaxing, great number of birds etc., will definitely be back.
It should have been longer."
George Diggles, Brisbane, Queensland.

"Abberton is a wonderful place of physical beauty and abundant wildlife. The hospitality is incomparable. I was made to feel part of the family, and I will always treasure my stay here."
Neil Kirby, Blue Mountains, NSW.

"A wonderful place to stay & wonderful hospitality and bird-help from Bill & Eileen."
Charlotte & Neville Brock, Hunter Valley, NSW.

"We couldn’t have been happier. I think your place in particular and the Lockyer Valley in general must be one of the best spots for birding in Australia. We saw such a great variety of birds just sitting on your verandah, and wandering round your property, and pottering off for short walks. As well, going with you around the district was exciting and a joy. We not only saw over 80 species in 2 days, but were able to watch plenty of bird behaviour at our leisure. I was particularly happy with the relaxed and generously helpful atmosphere that you both exude, and of course the yummy meals."
Esther Roe, Brisbane, Queensland.

"Really wonderful place to stay. Fantastic birding. I felt really at home in no time. I would thoroughly recommend a stay at Abberton."
Merrilyn Serong, Burwood, Victoria.

"A fantastic experience - convivial company, excellent food, a glimpse of paradise. Will definitely repeat and stay longer. Hard to believe so many species in such a relatively small area - tremendous. And the platypus was a real bonus."
Bev & Doug Priestley, Brisbane, Queensland.

"The birds were great, the atmosphere most relaxing, and the informal style suited us down to the ground. We will return and would recommend a stay to anyone who loves wildlife and friendly, country hospitality."
Hans & Judy Beste, Mudgeeraba, Queensland.

"Fine hosts, great food, privacy when required. Quiet surroundings, ideal spot for birding, most of which is attainable from the viewing deck. We truly enjoyed our visit - we almost felt as though it was our regular home. Relaxing is the word"
Betty & Keith Dunn, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

"We enjoyed the food, the birds, the friendliness and the feeling given that we were special visitors. The time spent birding with us was much appreciated."
Margaret & Ian Smith, Sunnybank, Queensland.

"What a great place to see so many wonderful birds at close range! Relax on the verandah overlooking the creek – what a way to go!! Birding heaven!"
Roy Sonnenburg, Birding Services Brisbane, Queensland.

"A very relaxing and enjoyable short break vacation with truly excellent food and good company. The verandah overlooking both the creek and many feeding and watering stations affords excellent close up views of a wide variety of bird species. The grounds are a pleasure to walk and rest (sleep!) in."
Mike & Linda Lewis, Samson Vale, Queensland.

"The diversity of birds in the area is amazing, especially some of the western vagrants recorded. My target was Painted Snipe - Bill showed me them personally and for that I am forever indebted (after 10 years actively searching). The room was fantastic, service (and red wines) marvellous."
Bill Moorhead, Bundaberg, Queensland.

"There are 318 species of birds in the Lockyer Valley and 192 of them believe that Abberton is a special place, as does any-one who has had the good fortune to stay there. During my recent sojourn I wanted for nothing. It was all there - birds, comfort, fine food and mine hosts Bill and Eileen, so warm and welcoming. My friends now know where Abberton is!"
Denise Moore, Kew, Victoria.

"We have had a wonderful time. After arriving tired from a busy week, we leave with wonderful memories of lively conversation, wonderful food and friendship. By the way, we saw 99 different birds - we shall return to make up 100. Couldn't wish for more!"
David & Anita Thomas, Brookfield, Queensland.

"Excellent spot - shame we didn't have more time. Great bird list!"
Phil Maher, Inland Bird Tours, Deniliquin, NSW.

"Enthusiasm combined with unsurpassed local knowledge combine to make this a top spot for birders seeking more knowledge and building on previous experience as well."
Lorraine Cazalar, The Gap, Queensland.

"We were made very welcome and found the accommodation very comfortable. Breakfast on the deck was a highlight of the morning with plenty of birds to see. Bill's knowledge and explanation of diagnostic features of the birds seen was appreciated throughout the visit. Eileen has a way with food which makes for a very satisfying meal. Altogether a relaxed and enjoyable stay. Full marks."
Norm & Noreen McKendrick, Mont Albert North, Victoria.

"Really excellent birding, both on the 'estate' as well as in the surrounding valley. Great life birds and great photo opportunities! The meals were lovely as well. Everything was very relaxed."
Tim Kastelle & Nancy Pachana, The Gap, Queensland.

"Had a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend - if you could relax with the spectacular birds all around."
Chris & Mike Woodburn, Bribie Island, Queensland.


"We had a wonderful holiday and terrific birding. Bill, you showed us some outstanding areas and all the birds we could ask for from the Paradise Riflebird to the Baillon's Crake, the Wedge-tailed Eagle to the Weebill."
Don & Lawna Robart, Calgary, Alberta.

"Beautiful home, gracious hosts, knowledgable and hard-working guide in touch with other professionals and willing to travel to find the birds. We appreciated the response to our vegan food needs. Thanks!"
Richard & June Macdonald, Victoria, British Columbia (and Bob & Martha Heilman, Portland, Oregon).

"Lots and lots of amazing birds with the help of an exceptionally friendly and knowledgable guide
We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly."
Jerry DeMarco & Anne Bell, Toronto.

"Great settings. We really appreciated birding with Bill, who has a great knowledge of the birds in the region and their location. We also appreciated his hospitality. For the day we went birding by ourselves, Bill gave us great directions for spots to visit. Hey! We found two Tawny Frogmouths by ourselves, that's not nothing! Lots of birds were observed from Abberton's verandahs, very great place."
Jose Gagnon, St Leonard, Quebec.


"Birding is not only a long list of birds, it's also a way of life - and Abberton is a very good illustration of it. Bill and Eileen are perfect for birding, at home, or around the table. A great visit, but too short. Difficult to forget..."
Ghislain Gosse, Barisis, France.

"We thoroughly enjoyed everything about our visit here and the quality of the birding and guiding was outstanding. Many, many thanks to you, Bill & Eileen!! Don't change a thing!"
Steve Stein & Julie Davis, Paris.


"I have had a really nice time with Bill & Eileen - Eileen's meals were delicious. I'd like to come again. I feel in their house like home. 
Thank you!"
Ingeborg Rechlin, Berlin, Germany.


"We have been delighted with our two days birding, and would never have found a third of the birds without Bill. Abberton is absolutely beautiful and full of the sound and sight of birds. Fantastic! We feel it was perfect. Bill couldn't be more helpful"
John Samuel, Bridgend, Glamorgan.

"It was great birding with someone who is so enthusiastic about every bird seen, and being  made so welcome. It was like birding with an old friend, and such a good list as well."
Ron & Lin Hill, Malmebury, Wiltshire.

"A wonderful day in good company. A feast of birds at a relaxed pace. A great introduction to the Lockyer Valley. Really couldn't be bettered!"
Chris Denman, Bordon, Hampshire.

"Excellent, flexible birding to find some of the species we were missing. Out birding within 3 hours of our telephone call"
Tim & Margaret Carr, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

"It was good to be made so welcome. Excellent birding in a relaxed fashion. Eileen and Bill are wonderful hosts and the views from the verandahs are not bad either!! Highlight was birdwatchng whilst breakfasting and having evening meals to the sounds of nature."
Joy Noble-Rollin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria.

"We're very glad we came here. We saw so many birds in a very short time and in addition the hospitality was wonderful."
Alan & Anne Burnage, Dorking, Surrey.

"Very enjoyable and gentle way of improving our bird list! Very kind to the 'not so sure'!! Excellent cuisine and birds, and friendly hosts."
David & Anne Nicholas, Brancaster, Norfolk.

"A superb setting with fantastic birds within easy reach. Very comfortable and excellent food - and a very good library!"
John Barnes, Caernarfon, Gwynnedd, Wales.

"Lle cysurus bwyd gwych cwmni diddan a digonedd o adar. 
Anodd iawn gwella ar unrhyn agwedd o'r arhosiad.
Comfortable accommodation, excellent food, convivial company and many, many birds! 
Very difficult to improve on any aspect of our stay."
Merion Wyn Jones, Caernarfon, Gwynnedd, Wales.

"We have had four days birding which have been the best ever. Abberton is a peaceful haven and we feel it's been a true home from home. Great birds, great vittles and best of all wonderful company!! Thank you so much."
Marian & Jim Brench, Windsor, England.

"Excellent birding - good variety of habitat & locations within easy access - 110 species in a day without trying for a long list - 12 lifers before breakfast! Very comfortable, fine food very friendly."
Roy Beddard, Barnet, England

"Very restful, good food and company. Garden birding a good start to the day. 
Meals on the verandah especially appreciated."
Dave Watson, London, England

"A wonderfully civilised way to bird. Excellent birding from the verandah."
Pete Lowman, Barnet, England

"A warm welcome for two very wet birders. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere to see wonderful birds.
Not to be missed!"
Stephen & Deanee Clark, Brancaster, Norfolk, England

"Excellent hospitality and expert birding advice. (Directions to special birding spots are given) almost down to the exact tree level...."
Andrew Clements & Amanda Holden, London

"Great hospitality, great food, great birding!"
Robin Barris, Hatfield, England

"A lovely relaxing and stimulating weekend. With Bill's friendly and patient help I have seen many new birds and Eileen's cooking is most delicious. I will have many pleasant memories of this place and I feel I have made good new friends in Bill & Eileen."
Brian Williams, Middlesbrough, England

"A wonderful two days introduction to Queensland birding. We much appreciated your concern for us both and at Abberton. We really needed longer."
Brian & Joy Cooper, Maidstone, Kent

"A beautiful house and an amazing view with excellent birds. Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality - we felt at home from the first meeting. Excellent birding - really appreciate the efforts made to get those extra 'life' birds - and the koala!"
Mark & Louise Smiles, Tamworth, Staffordshire


"Not being a man of many words, I only want to say that in about 60 years of birdwatching I haven't seen so many interesting birds as I did here. Moreover, I very much enjoyed the company of Eileen and Bill. It was jolly good."
Dick de Jonge (Prof.), Noordwijk, Holland.

"Our stay here proved to be a wonderful conclusion of a once-in-a-life birding holiday in Queensland."
Marja de Jonge, Wieringerwerf, Netherlands.

"For us Abberton Birders' Lodge meant the best dinner of our 4 weeks in Queensland, enjoying Bill & Eileen's hospitality, followed by a sound sleep and an early rise for top-quality birding. Pink-eared Ducks, both Spoonbill spp, Red-rumped Parrots, White-winged Choughs, frame-filling Wedge-tailed Eagles and just around the house, two Speckled Warblers.
No less than 111 species in just a single morning, thanks to Bill's guidance. What else could one wish for? Two grateful birders."
Arnoud & Cecilia van den Berg, Santpoort-Zuid, Netherlands.

"Although we had a list of nearly 300 species in Queensland after 4 weeks of birding, Bill managed to show us another 30 very beautiful birds! We liked the guided tour and views from the veranda very much. Thanks for the hospitality, we enjoyed our visit very much!"
Wil Leurs & Karen Hartog, Weesp, Netherlands.

"We loved it here so much, especially the atmosphere with real living people who loved the nature very much. We enjoyed a very good dinner. Our boys liked it here very much as well. They found fossilised wood, and I saw six lifers. What a nice way of living this is! I hope to come back again."
Jan & Helen Mulder, Tom & Stein, Bloemendaal, Netherlands.

(* Note: Jan has done a lot of birding in Australia - his six lifers while he was staying at Abberton were: Swift Parrot, Red-rumped Parrot, Pink-eared Duck, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Speckled Warbler and Brown Quail.)

"We spent a great day with Bill and saw so many different species, including the Banded Stilt, a rare bird in Queensland. It was a wonderful day with a man who knows all the birds around, and can really get you going with your birding. We truly loved it and will remember it for a very long time."
Jan-Pieter & Sandra de Kruyger, Hoorn, Netherlands.


"Everything we have seen and experienced has been well beyond our expectations - accommodation, food, friendliness, surroundings,
not to speak of the honest, enthusiastic, professionalism in birding. Absolutely a perfect two days spent doing what we came here for.
Olli & Armi Virta, Tarja & Timo Kaski, Kurku, Finland.

"Abberton is an ideal paradise for birding as well as for personal spiritual retreat. You could indulge yourself into a Nirvana which you ever dream of. Sitting simply at the verandah and enjoy the breeze, quietness and bird singing. What else you could need for the life? Our birding list for this trip reached 144 species which include 14 birds of prey, 2 Bowerbirds, 3 Fairy- wrens,  Tawny frogmouth and Azure Kingfisher. Apart from the birds, the joining of Koala, Lace monitor, Wallaby and Possum just made the trip even more exciting and unforgettable. Also the hospitality from Bill and the delicious vegetarian food carefully prepared by Eileen made us feel very comfortable. We highly recommend this wonderful place for your next destination for birding and spiritual retreat."
Steve & Alice Chang, Taipei, Taiwan.

"It has been such a lovely and enjoyable experience to stay at Abberton, and Bill is such a brilliant birding guide! We really enjoyed every night having delicious cuisine. You are actually coming to a family full of affection, hospitality and enthusiasm."
TH & Matthew Kwan, Hong Kong.

"This is a really wonderful place to stay for birding. It is more than we expected to see. I love the Azure Kingfisher and the Double-barred Finch very much, as well as the Red-backed Fairy-wren. Everything was perfect, including the very delicious meals. Thanks Eileen. I love my bedroom in your gallery. I’ve never thought I could have this privilege before. Thanks again Bill."
Jitraporn Satamaya, Chang Mai, Thailand.

"I was amazed that I could see so many birds. Bill, you are a first-class guide,
and Eileen, you are a first-class cook. I think it is very good to stay here.
I'd like to visit Abberton again."
Hiroshi Kakomoto, Okazaki, Japan.

"We enjoyed staying here! Especially we saw not only birds but also platypus which I didn't expect and green tree frogs.
Beautiful place! I'll come back again!"
Kudaka Masakasu, Okinawa, Japan.

"A wonderful experience of Anglo-Australian hospitality.
Happy hosts, lovely grub, and lots of birds."
Arthur Tansley & Dr Shoko Tomikwa, Tokyo, Japan

"I've never had it better! My hosts, Bill & Eileen were friendly and considerate at all times, making my stay extremely pleasant. Bill's expertise and knowledge of the area helped me to amass a list of 144 species. Highlights were the stunning Noisy Pitta, many lorikeets and rosellas, Spotted Crake and Ground Cuckoo-shrike. I would like also to mention how enjoyable my stay was at the Motel. It's run by such friendly pleasant people (not to mention the Tawny Frogmouth outside my room).All in all, a very rewarding experience."
Peter Carnall, Durban, RSA.

"We had a marvelous day, and hope to stay longer next time. 
So many new birds!"
Alison Matthews, Lelangwe, Malawi.

"Fantastic Day! I especially enjoyed the opportunity to see the different types of terrain - swamp/dam/forest/lake etc.
I enjoyed the background information as well as the bird information. The whole day was 'made' by Bill!!"
Marion Farquharson, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions !
We are always pleased to answer any queries and to help 
you in any way we can to plan your trip to Queensland.

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Bill Jolly, Abberton, Helidon, Qld
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